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Paul Holden, FHFMA, Moss Adams

Shrinking Reimbursement and the Impact on Uncompensated-Care Payments

By Paul Holden, FHFMA
Moss Adams

Hospitals across the country have seen many changes in the past seven years as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has evolved and states have implemented various optional components of the legislation.
Under the ACA, many states have expanded their Medicaid coverage, attempted to roll out exchanges for commercial plans, or both. These changes have required the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to begin modifying certain payment methods to hospitals to redirect funds from their prospective payment systems to pay for the expansion of coverage in other areas of federal and state spending. Read article
Obamacare open enrollment booklet

States Counter Trump with PPACA Enrollment Initiatives

By David Peel
Pubisher and Editor, Healthcare News

Having failed to repeal and replace the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA), congressional Republicans have moved on to tax reform. However, President Trump is not done with his version of health care reform. He eliminated cost-sharing payments to insurance companies, cut the enrollment period in half and reduced federal enrollment outreach advertising by 90%. Insurance companies have already submitted 2018 rates so these actions were designed to reduce their enrollment and income and, in general, destabilize the PPACA.  Read article
Nurse shaking hands in a job interview

To Win the War for Healthcare Talent, Call for Reinforcements

By Landry Seedig
President, Travel Nursing, AMN Healthcare

A little-known fact about employment today – particularly about employment in the healthcare industry – is that talent acquisition has evolved dramatically over the last few years, so dramatically that using the old ways to try to find the right people at the right time is like using a flip phone when you really need all the capabilities of a smart phone. You just won’t get access to the data or candidates you need. Read article
Man overdosed on prescription pills

Government Investigations Prompted by the "Opioid Crisis": Beware and Take Care

By Edward F. Novak
Shareholder, Polsinelli LLP

In the last seven years the entire country’s attitude toward opioid prescription medication has done a complete reversal from encouraging usage to one of demanding abstinence. The federal government is now actively engaged in criminal and civil enforcement against manufacturers, pharmacists and prescribers of opioid medication. State professional boards and legislatures are seeking to restrict access to medications in an effort to curb what has been labeled the “opioid crisis.” Those healthcare professionals not taking precautionary measures are now at risk for significant criminal and professional penalties.  Read article
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