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Michael Rona, Partner, Moss Adams

Revolutionizing Health Care with Lean Management

By J. Michael Rona
Moss Adams

Miraculous things happen in medicine in the United States every day, but health care remains a key issue for Americans because it can often be expensive, hard to access, and frequently unsafe with highly variable quality and patient and staff satisfaction. Adopting lean management has the potential to solve these problems and make health care a more satisfying and less costly experience for patients as well as health care workers.  Read article
Electronic Illustration of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology Offers Unlimited Possibilities to Improve Healthcare

By Sarah Krizanic
Practice Manager, Medic Management Group, LLC

There is a new buzzword in the healthcare industry: Blockchain. But what is Blockchain, what is it supposed to accomplish, and how could it impact the healthcare industry? The simple answer is this, Blockchain is a public list of transactions, similar to a public ledger, that allows for real-time transparency and forbids users from altering, changing or deleting transactional information. All transactions are permanent and allows authenticity to be verified by the entire community. Thus, making fraud much harder to get away with.  Read article
Auditor Examination

New OIG Report Recommends Medicare Contractors Recover More Than $66M in Improper Payments

By Richard S. Cooper, Esq., Member, McDonald Hopkins LLC

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently issued a report entitled “Medicare Improperly Paid Providers for Specimen Validity Tests Billed in Combination with Urine Drug Tests.” In this report, the OIG found that payments made to providers for specimen validity testing did not comply with Medicare billing requirements. The OIG found that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) paid clinical laboratories and physician offices $66.3 million dollars for specimen validity testing billed in conjunction with urine drug tests. It concluded that these payments were made because the providers did not follow existing Medicare guidance.  Read article
Surgeons Operating on Patient

How Much Medical Malpractice Insurance Should You Purchase?

By Jim Chesemore
Principal, COO, Parker, Smith & Feek

As an insurance broker specializing in medical professional liability insurance, I am often asked this question. My usual response is, “What’s the most you could be sued for?” Naturally, it is not economically feasible for an individual physician or small physician group to purchase $10 million, or even $5 million of liability limits. There is no simple formula to determine the appropriate insurance limit, but I do readily advise physicians and small groups that a $1 million liability limit is woefully inadequate in 2018, regardless of specialty. Read article
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