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Calvin Swartley, CFA, ASA, Valuation Consultant, Moss Adams LLP

Five Vital Elements of a Healthy Physician Buy/Sell Agreement

By Calvin Swartley, CFA, ASA
Valuation Consultant
Moss Adams LLP

Imagine if a shareholder in a physician practice could leave the practice while taking a share of the practice’s revenue as well as his patient base with him. Or, if the newest and youngest shareholder is required to buy out the older shareholders all at once because they’re free to leave the business with very short notice, and without having prepared for succession. Both of these are real—and scary—scenarios that emphasize the importance of a strong, clearly written buy/sell agreement for physician practices.  Read article
Hospital Building

Medicare - Bridging the Gap Between Ridiculous and Sublime

By Craig B. Garner, Founder, Garner Health Law Corporation

Settled in 1845, the city of Sumter rests in the bucolic middle of South Carolina and boasts the only public park in the United States containing all eight known species of swan. Originally named Sumterville, this sleepy, rural Southern town has for nearly one hundred years been home to the Tuomey Healthcare System (“Tuomey”), an acute care hospital also providing a 36-bed nursery, 10 operating suites, Cancer Treatment Center, Tuomey Home Services and a subacute skilled care program. As of 2013, and affirmed in June 2015, Tuomey also faced a record-breaking $237,454,195 judgment for violating federal law. Read article
Disabled Man in Wheel Chair with Wife

Defining Transitional Care

By Rani Khetarpal, Chief Executive Officer, Global Transitional Care

Everyone in healthcare, it seems, has the heard the term. Some may even practice it in some form or another. But truly, what is it? Is this just another shot in the dark by our government funded healthcare to rein in healthcare spending? Who truly benefits? The patient, the provider, the payer? Is the sole purpose of Transitional Care to prevent readmissions, or is there another, more long term reason transitional care is creating buzz right now?  Read article
Man complete time sheet

Are You Prepared for Revisions to Federal Regulations on Overtime?

By Kristin Nealey Meier, Member, Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC

Employee rights and working conditions have been an increasingly popular issue in local and national debates. While much of the focus has been on minimum wage, employers need to pay attention to President Obama's March 13, 2014 directive to the Department of Labor ("DOL") to update the regulations governing overtime rules. Although DOL has not yet issued the new regulations, it has announced it will continue enforcing current regulations, including increased scrutiny on employers' classification of their employees as exempt from overtime regulations. Read article
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