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Wes Wright, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Seattle Children’s to Establish Pediatric Health Information Exchange

By Wes Wright
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Seattle Children’s Hospital

If you are a parent, the most important thing to you is the health of your child. I know this having children ranging in ages from 2 to 27 (yes, I’m a sucker for punishment). The most critical element in the care of your child, besides excellent clinical professionals, is information. For the longest time we, as parents, have searched the internet until we’re blue in the face, scouring symptoms and potential cures for what ails our children. But there’s always been one source of information that’s not only been locked away from us, but also hard for providers to access in a timely manner. That’s the data contained in your child’s medical record; be it at your child’s general pediatric practice or at a specialist’s office like Seattle Children’s. This is about to change.  Read article
Young girl sleeping in hospital bed

Creating a Quieter Hospital: Enloe Medical Center 2009-2014

Vice President of Medical Affairs
Enloe Medical Center

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Teddy Bear with Cast on Arm and Canada Flag in Background

Healthcare, Eh? An American’s Experience Using the Canadian Health System

By David Peel, Publisher and Editor
Alaska Healthcare News

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Stethescope sitting on pile of money

Recap and Insights from the Fourth National Bundled Payment Summit

By Deirdre Baggot, PhD (c), MBA, RN
VP and Bundled Payment Practice Leader
The Camden Group

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