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Article Title First Author Second Author*
Collaborative Negotiation for Health - A Win/Win Equation Adams, Kim  
Helping Health Care Payers Improve Claim-Payment Accuracy Adams, Paul Hodges,  Deanna
What Providers Need to Know: Determining “Reasonable Value” for Future Medical Costs Adams, Paul  
ICD-10 Readiness and Adoption Amstutz, MBA, CCA, CCS-P, Peggi Ann Volland,  Gary
Keeping with the Code: Medicare Reimbursement Starts with Drug Coding Compliance Amstutz, MBA, CCS, CCS-P, Peggi Ann  
Accountable Health Communities Model Offers $157 Million in CMS Funding Andrade, CPA, Tony  
Climate Change and Human Health Auerbach MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM, FAAEM, Paul  
Moving On: Thoughts on Bettering American Health Care Baackes, John  
The Bundled Payment Title Wave: Recap and Insights from the Fourth National Bundled Payment Summit Baggot, PhD (c), MBA, RN, Deirdre  
How Texting Patient Information Can Increase Risk Baker, D., Kimberly  
Is Your Practice Making Value-Based Decisions? Barnett, Irv Santizo,  Beth
Enlightened Healthcare Leadership: Foundation of an Extraordinary Workplace Culture Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Personalized Medicine or Personalized Marketing? Bedford, Jim  
Making Health Care Great Again: The Republicans' Playbook to Health Care Reform Bell, CPA, Christopher  
Doing Something About Costs Belson, PhD, David Wortham, DrPH,  Jennifer

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