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Strengthen Alignment with Your Outsourced Hospitalist Group to Prepare for a Changing Healthcare World Singer, MD, Adam  
ACOs and Shared Savings: Making a New Health Care Model Work Rivard, Chris  
Moving to a Pay-for-Performance System at Seattle Children's Hurwitz, Steven  
Retaliation Claims and Potential Claimants May Increase Litigation in the Medical Field Feider, Darren, A.  
Disaster Recovery: What's Your Plan? Villanueva, Kevin  
You Get What You Pay For Heard, MD, MMM, Carl  
Virtual Mock-Ups Streamline the Lean 3P Process Valmonte, EDAC, Mary, C.  
Making Wellness Programs Work Harris, Lindsay  
The Transparent Evolution Paul, MBA, ACHE, Stephen, M.  
How a Digital Lockbox Saves Money and Prevents Fraud Mennegar, Greg  
Professional Paradise: Oxymoron or Healthcare Imperative? Hess, RN, MS, CSP, Vicki  
Comply-Health-: Finally, a 360 View of Compliance, Security & Privacy Issues Haile, Nora  
Is Your Audit Committee Highly Functional? Stelzriede, Stacy, J.  
Essentials of Physician Reimbursement Johnson, FHFMA, Dwight  
60 Minutes is Calling... and News Helicopters are Overhead! Lahner, Ronald, B.