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Vera Whole Health Offers Employers Transformative Healthcare Delivery Li, Peter  
U.S. Office for Civil Rights Announces $400 Million Settlement Against Large Health System Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Transforming a Healthcare Organization in Transition: The Interim CEO's Role Haskins, Sandy  
Too Much Care? Stepped Up Medical Necessity Fraud Litigation Against Hospitals Robbins, David B. Anderson,  Anastasia
Tobacco Use in Alaska' Northwest Arctic Fancher, Jr., Donald  
To Win the War for Healthcare Talent, Call for Reinforcements Seedig, Landry  
To Merge or Not to Merge: How to Prepare for this Decision Wales, CFA, Harman Hurst,  Roberta
Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock! Young, Rachel Kelly,  Rachel
There is Still a Need for Recuperative Care Programs Bruno, Kelly  
The Upside to Broken Garner, Craig  
The Transparent Evolution How Competition for Consumers of Healthcare Will Impact Supply Chain Management Paul, MBA, ACHE, Stephen, M.  
The Transparent Evolution Paul, MBA, ACHE, Stephen, M.  
The Root Cause of Drug Shortages Dabestani, PharmD, MHA, FASHP, FABC, Arash Duong, PharmD  Vy
The Role of Pathologists in ACOs Chong M.D., M.B.A., Yap-Yee (Chris) Sturgis M.D.,  Charles
The Process Improvement Imperative Jasman Cech, MHSA, Bonnie