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Free Child Care Equals Regular Health Care for Low Income Mothers at Molina Calderon, Gloria  
The Changing Role of Advanced Practice Nurses Carter, Kelly  
Improving Doctors' Schedules for Better Throughput and Access Cech, Bonnie  
Five Considerations for Right-Sizing Physician Supply Champion, CMSR, Sandy  
How Much Medical Malpractice Insurance Should You Purchase? Chesemore, Jim  
The Role of Pathologists in ACOs Chong M.D., M.B.A., Yap-Yee (Chris) Sturgis M.D.,  Charles
Ransomware Attack on California Hospital Puts Providers on Alert for New Threats to Health Information Cohen, Samuel C. Manning,  Alex
Nursing Facilities Still Struggle with Abuse Reporting Requirements Cohn, Jonathon  
The Broadening Definition of Elder Abuse Cohn, Jonathon E. Chang Lee,  Annie
CMS Finalizes Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Worksheets Cohn, Jonathon E. Chang Lee,  Annie
Is an 8 and 80 Overtime Schedule Right for my Facility? Cole, Carmen J.  
Health Care's Digital Age: Meaningful Use Criteria and EHR Incentive Revenue Conner, Brian Stelzriede, CPA  Stacy
Accounting for Medical Malpractice Claims Obligations by Health Care Entities Conner, Brian  
Four Focus Areas for Effective Board Governance Conner, Brian Blakey  John
Whole Slide Imaging At CellNetix Cooke, Pat  

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