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The Physicians Dilemma: Retirement Shortfall Richards, CFA®, Darin Rollins, CFP®,  Abbey
The Physician Dilemma: Private Practice or Hospital Employee? Krizanic, Sarah  
The Newest Advance in Health Care: Virtual Urgent Care for Molina Medicaid Beneficiaries Gough, MD, Frances  
The Impact of C-SSRS (Columbia - Suicidal Severity Rating Scale) Usage on Quality of Care in John George Psychiatric Hospital (San Leandro, CA): a Medical Care Evaluation Study Omolewa, RN, PhD, Pius Tribble, PsyD, LCSW,  Karyn L.
The Great Wall of CHNA: Interpreting New IRS Guidance for Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Hospital Districts Croghan, Richard Rebay,  Karl
The Dual Eligible Program: Better Coordination to Improve Access to Care Standring, Tom  
The Dilemma of Physician Suicide Mitchell, MA, LMHC, CEAP, David  
The Changing Role of Advanced Practice Nurses Carter, Kelly  
The Bundled Payment Title Wave: Recap and Insights from the Fourth National Bundled Payment Summit Baggot, PhD (c), MBA, RN, Deirdre  
The Broadening Definition of Elder Abuse Cohn, Jonathon E. Chang Lee,  Annie
The Benefits of Using a Structured Root Cause Analysis Process Johnson, RNC, MSN, CHPQ, Sheri  
The Behavioral Health Provider: Your New BFF Stone, Ph.D., David R.  
The Basics of Self-Referral of Ancillary Services Warren, Kevin  
The Balancing Act: Medical Plan Cost Control Programs & Member (dis) Satisfaction Sutton, Andrew  
The "Three C's" of McCann Treatment Center Observations of a Senior Psychiatric Technician Mossholder, Lyna