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CMS Slow to Adopt Generally Accepted Telemedicine/Telehealth Payment Practices Lamar, Cindy  
CMS's Targeted Probe and Educate ("TPE") Program - Get Counsel Involved Early! Cooper, Esq., Richard  
Coding Errors May Render Receivables Uncollectible Wentland, Adam  
Collaborative Negotiation for Health - A Win/Win Equation Adams, Kim  
Common Gaps in Disability Insurance Sorenson, Janae  
Comply-Health-: Finally, a 360 View of Compliance, Security & Privacy Issues Haile, Nora  
Considerations for Acquiring or Affiliating with Another Hospital Hahn, Tanya, K.  
Converting to a New EMR: Norming, Storming & Forming Nolan MHA FACMPE, Crystal  
Creating a Quieter Hospital: Enloe Medical Center 2009-2014 Nelson, MD, MMM, CPE, FAAFP, FACPE, Marcia  
Creative Partnerships in Fast Times Cooke, Pat  
Credentialing: The Cornerstone of a Health Care Organization’s Enterprise Risk Management Program Muellenberg, Erin McAteer,  Ryan
Cyber Liability Insurance and Why You Need It Now Jay, Janet  
Cybersecurity and Protected Health Information: Not Being Prepared is Costly Olsen, Teru  
D.C. Circuit Court Clarifies Conclusion Regarding a Laboratory's Determination of Medical Necessity Cooper, Esq., Richard  
Data Privacy and Cybersecurity - What Every Hospital Should Do Cooper, Esq., Richard S.