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Teaching Managers to be Leaders: A Practical, Hands-on Approach Uday-Riley, MSW, CPT, Marcey  
Study Finds 65% of Patient Responders Interested in Seeing Their PCP Over Video Lamar, Cindy  
Strengthen Alignment with Your Outsourced Hospitalist Group to Prepare for a Changing Healthcare World Singer, MD, Adam  
Stay Ahead of the Curve with Management Succession Steranka, Mark  
States, the VA Embracing the Vital Roles of PAs Herman, MPA, PA-C, DFAAPA, Lawrence  
States Counter Trump with PPACA Enrollment Initiatives Peel, David  
Standardized Quality Measures Begin and End with Greater Transparency Lansky, PhD, David  
Sono Bello - Reinventing the Liposuction Wheel Gellis, MD, Michael  
Socio-cultural Considerations in Mass Decontamination Stacy, Jeremy  
Snuffing Out Employee Tobacco Use: The Trend Towards No-Nicotine Hiring Policies Curran, Keelin Jones,  Karin
Shrinking Reimbursement and the Impact on Uncompensated-Care Payments Holden, FHFMA, Paul  
Seventh Circuit Declines to Adopt "Worthless Services" FAC Theory Shu, Pamela E. Cohn,  Jonathon
Self-funded Plans in the Environment of Healthcare Reform Burns, Mike  
Seattle Childrens Linking Pay with Performance Hurwitz, Steven Stoeckle,  Tom
Seattle Children's to Establish Pediatric Health Information Exchange Wright, Wes  

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