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The "No Flu for You" Campaign at Banner Health

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What began as a germ of an idea regarding flu vaccinations for all employees, physicians and volunteers grew into a large-scale effort at Banner Health during 2011, with a pilot attempting to achieve 100% vaccination at Banner Ironwood, one of Banner Health's 23 hospitals in seven states. The campaign was launched with the theme "No Flu for You."

I led the effort in conjunction with Joan Ivaska, MPH, CIC, System Infection Prevention Program Manager, and a steering team to help guide the work. Throughout most of my medical career I have been highly passionate about immunization. I consider it a great application of art and science. The science is about offering appropriate immunizations to avoid disease and the art is how you get widespread acceptance of such a program. There is also an art to finding resources and champions who will advocate that this is not only the right thing to do to protect our patients, but to protect our employees' health as well.

Bessel, MD, Marjorie


Banner Health

Flu Prevention Campaigns

May 8, 2012

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