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Self-funded Plans in the Environment of Healthcare Reform

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According to a Price Waterhouse Coopers report, the number of groups self-funding their health benefits increased by 20% between 2008-2010. The average increase in premiums for plan years 2009 to 2010 was $808 per employee per year for fully-insured plans versus $248 for self-funded plans.

Approximately 150 million Americans are covered under private employer sponsored health insurance programs. Over half of them, more than 77 million, are insured through self-funded health plans. According to the 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits report, premiums continue to increase. For example, in 2011, premiums for family coverage increased by 9% versus 3% the prior year. Given cost increases, what are employers doing in the self-funded market.

Burns, Mike


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Self-Funded Benefits

February 7, 2012

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