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In the Belly of the Beast - Industry Trends and Opportunities

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After twenty plus years in the belly of America’s healthcare system beast, I am skeptical but not cynical. I no longer look for or believe that there is a silver bullet that will “fix” healthcare. The system is just too complex and fragmented. It’s hard to see how there could be a lever that, when pulled, will align all the practices, incentives and systems into a unified model of care and funding.

I do believe, however, that when individuals become engaged in managing their own health, the industry has a better chance of managing the system. In this column, I attempt to find and showcase those trends and opportunities that I believe can actually make a difference and move us toward creating a healthier world and community along with a sustainable healthcare system.

Price, Darryl


Slalom Consulting

Mobile Technology

September 12, 2011

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