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Who are you Gonna Call? Behavior-Based Services Keep The Workplace Productive

First few Article Sentences

It’s Friday afternoon and you have a problem. Your accounting manager is engaged in a shouting match with one of his staff in front of 10 other employees. It’s getting ugly, with references to one’s parentage, the other’s sexual orientation and both of their levels of intelligence. Threats are exchanged, but luckily, colleagues have separated the would-be combatants. Who are you gonna call?

You run a restaurant on a busy urban street, in an area frequented by homeless and other low income individuals. Occasionally, one or two come through your doors asking for food from your employees or your customers, sometimes in a very insistent manner. While you have some empathy for their plight, you have a business to run -- and these individuals are making that difficult. You’ve posted signs, asked them to leave and threatened to call the police. But, eventually they return. What are you going to do?

You’re responsible for a manufacturing plant, and there’s pressure to keep production on schedule. This morning, an employee’s arm was crushed by a pressing machine, an event witnessed by eight co-workers. While several of the more obviously traumatized employees went home for the day, a few chose to stay on the job. But they’re clearly suffering from the effects of the incident, and aren’t able to focus at work. What are you going to do? Who are you gonna call?

Stone, Ph.D., David


Sound Mental Health

Behavior-Based Care Management

April 8, 2014

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