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A Kidney Transplant: the Best Treatment for the Right Patients

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For many people with chronic kidney failure, a kidney transplant offers the best chance at the kind of life they enjoyed before diagnosis. Transplant recipients often live longer, feel better and have more independence than patients who undergo dialysis, the only other treatment option if chronic kidney disease progresses to Stage 5 kidney failure.

A transplant isn't a cure, but success rates are high—after one year, 96 percent of transplants from living donors and 90 percent of transplants from deceased donors are still working. Anti-rejection medications are a daily requirement for life, but most transplant recipients are able to live with relatively few health restrictions.

Although our everyday business is providing dialysis, Northwest Kidney Centers' mission statement declares that we will promote the optimal health, quality of life and independence of people with kidney disease. Sometimes that means helping people get off dialysis or avoid it entirely.

Our organization recognized the benefits of kidney transplants when it established an internal task force to give more patients access to the procedure.

Jackson, Joyce, F.


Northwest Kidney Centers

Kidney Transplant

June 3, 2015

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