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The Newest Advance in Health Care: Virtual Urgent Care for Molina Medicaid Beneficiaries

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In generations past, medical care was commonly delivered in the home. The house call was personal, convenient and dependable. Fast forward now to a time when greater access to coverage does not necessarily mean greater access to care.

The national shortage of primary care providers limits access and results in overcrowded ERs and long waiting times, which in-turn, results in patients receiving care for simple, non-emergent conditions in overly expensive ERs, which unnecessarily drives up the cost of health care.

Deja vu? 35 years ago, Dr. C. David Molina, an emergency medicine physician in California was faced with the same challenges. The inappropriate use of the ER for non-emergent conditions was driven by the basic lack of access to primary care doctors. He opened the first Molina primary care clinic in the Los Angeles area to expand access, improve the quality of care – and lower the cost for all of his patients and the community. Today, Molina is again changing the model of care, adapting it to the challenges and opportunities of a new generation. Enabled by technology, many of the barriers our members face - lack of transportation, affordable childcare, challenging job schedules - can be easily overcome with telemedicine. Health care can now be delivered on our members' terms, when they need it, not when there's an opening in a doctor's schedule. What's old is new again; virtual care is bringing house calls back in a big way. The virtual house call is the new personal, convenient, and dependable way to access quality health care.

Gough, MD, Frances


Molina Healthcare of Washington

Virtual Care

June 3, 2015

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